Love The Work You Were Born To Do

I read a book titled “The Work You Were Born To Do” by Nick Williams many years ago.   I received the book  as a gift from a dear friend and it literally changed my life.  I am definitely the woman I am today because of it.

It was a blessed day when I decided to read the book as it changed the way I work with my clients and it totally changed the way I thought about my coaching career.

This book formed the framework for my first group coaching programme that I delivered about 4 years ago. The coaching was based around the teachings in the book and the guidance I learnt. I communicated with the author Nick Williams of my intention to share his book with my coaching group – he was delighted and gave me his blessings to share his work.

This book enabled me share the message and help my clients to love their work and live their lives authentically and on purpose.

You can view the book on Amazon CLICK HERE

It is a wonderful feeling having the clarity about the direction that you want to take in your life whilst you travel along, mixed with the driving passion that fuels you like a rocket to go after your dreams and passions with much enthusiasm.

There is no excuse to stay stuck or unfulfilled. If you feel ready to take a different direction in life or your business, then make a decision this week to take a look at your hearts desires and see if you can align yourself with how you want to do business or work in your chosen career.

As human beings we are born to grow, change and evolve through life experiences, which is part of our personal journey and transformation.  It is our responsibility to learn the lessons in the process and change direction when the desire or urge takes us.

It is your responsibility to find a way to express yourself in any way you can, which will allow you to be fulfilled in your life and work. Below is a prayer to help you find a way to open yourself up to receive the intuitive guidance to support you in your discovery to find the work you were born to do.

Enjoy your day and be ready to receive the messages of your true calling in life.


Meditational Prayer

Please help me to discover the gifts and love that are inside of me.  Instead of wanting brilliant work, help me to be brilliant and to bring that to all the work I do.  Help me to find the love that is in me, so that I can find what I love and love what I do.  Help me face and set aside my fears and be willing to be inspired and to inspire.  Help me to contribute to the lives of everyone I work with – colleagues, customers and suppliers.  Help me to know that it is not the quantity of work I do that matters, but the love behind any action I take.

Thank you

by Nick Williams