Miracles Are Waiting To Enrich Your Life

Are you open to receiving miracles into your life?

It is sometimes hard to think that there is a never-ending supply of miracles waiting for us to tap into the source and be open to receiving them.

Well, this is exactly how miracles show up – at times when we are willing to give up that we are not worthy of such great things happening to us or we do not think that we are lucky enough to have joyful times like when a miracle occurs.

One key step to being open to receiving miracles is to have a good level of self-love practices that you can feel well loved and taken care of by yourself in order for you to receive and accept the miracles coming your way.

You have been waiting for a miracle to arrive in your life, but first you must prepare for it to be delivered.  Make space in your life, heart or physical space for the miracle to occur.  Here are 3 simple tips to start you on your journey to receiving a miracle.

  • Do you need to declutter your mind?  If yes, stop the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that you hold onto about yourself and step up your mindful meditation and self-love practices.
  • Do you need to declutter your life?  If yes, stop taking on too much and start saying ‘no’ to things/people that no longer interest you or make you happy and start saying ‘yes’ to more things that will nourish your soul and make you feel alive.
  • Do you need to declutter your physical space?  If yes, stop ignoring it and start clearing the clutter and give away to charity or friends and family the items that you no longer use.

Taking action to make yourself happy, satisfied and fulfilled is an act of self-love.  When you love yourself the universe is available to nourish you by giving you support in the form of a miracle.  Be ready for the shifts to occur in your life as a result of the changes that you have made.

This week’s post is inspired by Barbel Mohr’s book “The Miracle of Self-Love”.  Barbel’s other best-selling book is “Cosmic Ordering Service”.

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Take a peek inside HERE

Take a peek inside HERE