Conquer your fears, learn to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable

Nobody likes to feel uncomfortable in any situation.

However, when you are looking to develop yourself or transform an area of your life or business, it is necessary for growth.

When you step into unknown territory doing something different it will feel scary the first, second or even the third time until you get used to doing it confidently.

If you are committed to transforming in any way, then you know that you will need to step out of your comfort zone. The only way to change is by taking action no matter how uncomfortable it feels.

Make it your goal to take on a scary task that you have been putting off, every week. Once you have completed it, gauge how you feel. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the scariest allow yourself to feel less affected by the fear every time you do this.  Soon your sensitivity to the fear will start to have less impact on you.

Have you ever considered how different your life or business could be, if you were not stopped by your fear?  What fears would you like to overcome? Make it your mission to tackle at least one of your fears this week.  Take small steps to change this fear from uncomfortable to comfortable and enjoy the process with the knowledge that you have the power to create the change that you desire.

Now, say to yourself “I am comfortable with feeling uncomfortable in order to transform this area of my life or business”.

Good luck with your transformations this week.